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Nothing comes close to Universals Animal Pak the Ultimate Training Pak Theres no better nutritional weapon to fuel intense workouts than Animal Pak Pro bodybuilders elite powerlifters and world-class athletes swear by the Animal Pak for the following reasons Enhanced endurance Increased energy Protein metabolism Anabolic nutrients and Optimum results Loaded with the most advanced and highest quality bodybuilding nutrients Animal Pak is still light years ahead of any other formula Only Animal Pak provides you with the perfect combination of complex proteins mega-vitamins lyophilized amino acids and essential training factors such as inosine choline PAK Protogen A PABA and carnitine Each pak also contains a powerful combination of vital mineral complexes lipotropics digestive enzymes BCAAs essential fatty acids and high potency pre-workout energizers synergized in a perfectly balanced time-released formula of eleven tablets If youre serious about your body dont settle for anything less than the Animal Pak It will blast your body with all the nutrients you require Train like an animal Train with Animal Pak 44 Scientifically balanced packets containing mega-vitamins and minerals performance nutrients and amino acids Contains no sugar starch artificial preservatives or colors These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease
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