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Product Details
Mega Resveratrol 99, is a pharmaceutical-grade, 99% pure, micronized trans-resveratrol. A 500mg capsule delivers 495mg of bioactive trans-resveratrol. MegaResveratrol.com was a pioneer in introducing high potency resveratrol products and setting the standards of voluntary third party independent lab testing for purity and safety. We offer premium grade natural resveratrol supplements delivered in a vegetarian capsule form and in powders at an economical price. Our natural resveratrol products are manufactured in the USA in a CGMP facility (Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulated by the FDA). Our company is FDA registered and all our products are purity certified by a third party which is an independent U.S. laboratory. Mega Resveratrol is a proud supplier of resveratrol products which provides them to various research clinics and institutions.
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