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In the rapidly advancing field of chemical technology, biotechnology is an area that holds significant, untapped possibilities for the future. Japan Algae Co., Ltd. was established with biotechnology at its foundation and has grown steadily as a venture company with two mainstay areas, organic germanium, for which our company holds manufacturing patents, and spirulina, an algae food source attracting worldwide attention for its rich nutrients. Germanium is one of over 100 elements on earth and has the atomic symbol Ge and element number 32. It is a semi-metal with both metal and non-metal properties. In recent years, the chemical composition of organic germanium, which has medical benefits for humans, has been confirmed. Unlike pharmaceutical products, organic germanium (Ge-132) treats various human illnesses by enhancing the body's natural healing powers. Our organic germanium is used to produce medicines in Japan for its high purity. Special discount is available if you order 500g, 1kg, or 10kg of organic germanic powder products. Please contact us for the details. We may change our prices according to the USD-JPY exchange rate for every 6 months.
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