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Product Details
Ultra Plus pH is a medical food formulated to provide enhanced specialized nutritional support for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and includes macro- and micronutrients to address altered energetic function and liver detoxification Featuring potassium citrate and sesame this formula helps to promote alkalinization and support Phase II liver detoxification function UltraClear Plus pH also provides glycine and magnesium sulfate to support Phase II detoxification activities as well as green tea catechins and mixed carotenoids to provide antioxidant protection against potentially harmful compounds generated during the natural detoxification process Provided in low-allergenic-potential rice protein concentrate base- which may be beneficial during times of increased detoxification burden- this formula provides well-rounded nutritional support Product Reviews as Follows From Texas I bought my first canister from internists office his whole staff swore by it I was skeptical because I thought it was just another new expensive smoothieprotein powder mixboy was I wrong This stuff is amazing After I finished it I tried to find something similar but cheaper I had no luck So Im buying it again now I swear by it What a great way to start my day I feel great have energy and clarity and stay full past lunchtime I used this with the Advaclear supplements each morning to do a 10 day detox After detox I blended the powder with bananaberries and cold spring water as a breakfast smoothie From California I make a smoothy with the Ultraclear PLUS pH every morning with 1 12 scoops plus a banana blueberries and a tablespoon of ground flax seed-I have far more energy than Ive had in years plus my mental fog is mostly gone Its fantastic I wont go without it now
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