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Sinus Rinse Regular Mixture Packets 100 Regular premixed packets of pH Balanced Sodium Chloride Sodium Bicarbonate Mixture USP Grade Natural Ingredients isotonic Preservative Free Iodine Free 1 Full color Illustrated Educational Brochure If you suffer from allergies or sinus symptoms Sinus Rinse helps alleviate nasal allergies flu cold conditions post nasal drip congestion as well as nasal dryness and irritation caused by occupational dust fumes animal dander grass pollen smoke common house dust Sinus Rinse is a preservative free iodine latex free product With its patented pre-mixed packet formula available as Isotonic or Hypertonic each rinse offers the advantage of a volume therapeutic nasal irrigation while moisturizing your entire nasal passages Each rinse when mixed appropriately offers a soothing pH balanced solution with no burning or stinging The Sinus Rinse patented mixture is delivered through a smooth flowing easy-squeeze bottle with a custom designed tube and cap to fit any nasal opening A pediatric bottle cap and tube is also available The bottle with its mixture will empty 100 during irrigation in its upright position The custom cap and tube are also adaptable to fit powered oral irrigation systems Sinus Rinse is great for use after most sinus surgeries to aid in the moisturizing and healing of the nasal sinus passages and is even suitable for use during pregnancy The kit itself is made small enough to travel with if you are away on vacation or on business We extend to our customers a 90 day full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your results If any components of the kit happen to be missing or are damaged you can e-mail us at questionsneilmedcom or call our customer service department Monday through Friday 8-5 PST at 1-877-477-8633 and we will send you a replacement for free
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