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GREEN PHARMACEUTICALS, The Snoring Specialists.
Formulated, tested and prescribed by doctors
Relieves snoring symptoms
Opens nasal passages
Clears sinus congestion
100% natural
No known side effects
SnoreStop NasoSpray has been designed to bring relief to the millions of snorers who suffer from nasal congestion. the proprietary formula opens up nasal passages to help relieve snoring symptoms. SnoreStop has been ranked as the #1 pharmacist-recommended brand of snoring medicine in five national surveys for three years in a row,** a first for homeopathic medicine. SnoreStop is one of the few brands of homeopathic medicines to be entered in an independent, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. The positive results have been published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.*** The NasoSpray formula has shown no drug interaction with other medications. For best results, please use 15 minutes apart from food or other medicines.
All ingredients listed have been diluted out according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Therefore, this product is safe and harmless as it contains no alkaloids of any kind.
**Published in Pharmacy Times 2002, 2003. and 2004, Pharmacy Today 2002
***Published in Sleep and Breathing. Vol 3. No. 2 1999
40 Oil free deep penetrating nasal sprays
HOMEOPATHIC .13 fl oz. (4ml)
Made in the USA
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  • * Disclaimer: Result vary based on individual