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Product Details
DayTripperTM Manufactured in heavy 600 denier nylon polyester, this durable, attractive and functional diabetic accessory bag is perfect for daily use. Padded with multiple inside pockets and elastic holders, it has ample storage for meter (of various sizes), needles, lancets, swabs, daily log, insulin, test strips, insulin pen, glucose tablets and all of your other supplies. It further features a removable 7-day pill dispenser, mini re-freezable cold packs, clear pocket with a medical alert card (included) and adjustable internal Velcro(R) side straps. The DayTripperTM is discretely perfect for daily use, and can be carried alone or it fits neatly in your purse, bag or briefcase. Accessories included with the DayTripper: 7-day removable pill dispenser, 3-cell re-freezable gel pack and medical alert card. Not included: Diabetic supplies.
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