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Acupressure Motion-Aid Wrist Bands. Easy to use professional design with 900 gauss magnets. The Pc-6 point on the wrist ("Ney Guan" or "Inner Gate") is well known by all Oriental practitioners. The combination of pressure and a magnet, when applied to this point, creates synergism and aids motion sickness and nausea. Ney Guan is now enjoyed world wide by sea and land travelers, active sportsmen, and mothers-to-be. I seen them working first hand when taking my grandaughter on a 100 mile car trip without any discomfort. Prior to that she could not ride for 20-30 minute without having nausea. Adjustable and reusable, one size fits all, 10" long x 0.8" wide wrist band uses a VelcroTM type strap closure. Pressure is applied with the use of a polished, 0.25" x 0.55" dia, hemisphere magnet which is permanently bonded to the band. Package of 2 bands, one for each wrist. Includes instructions. No choice of color. May be tan or blue which color maybe in stock at the time of order. WARNING: There can be serious contraindications of magnetic therapy during pregnancy, or for small babies, if you are wearing a pacemaker, a defibrillator, an insulin pump or any other implanted electro-medical device placed in knees, etc. then one should avoid using magnetic products. Our business is governed by by customer feedback. If you are satisfied with the way we handled your order we would appreciate you giving us a positive feedback when you can so possible customers can be assured they are dealing with a reputable seller on Amazon. Thank you Acme Enterprises
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