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Product Details
Tennis Elbow Brace Epicondylitis Brace Elbow Support treats lateral and medial epicondylitis, elbow tendons pathologies. Inside cushion of this Elbow support alleviates pain by diminishing tension on muscles and ligaments. This Elbow brace features swiftly-adjustable compression, breathable knit, 100% cotton on the skin, latex and neoprene free. Size of Tennis Elbow Brace Epicondylitis Brace should be determined by forearm circumference. Features are Fits Right and left, One-Size-Fits-All, Extremely low profile, Two pathologies on both arms, Does not migrate or rotate, Anatomically shaped pads, Can be worn "Round-the-Clock", Swiftly adjustable size and position, Breathable & natural materials, Washable. Specific components of this products are 100% cotton velour (whatever surface is in contact with patient's skin), Double pad for tendon compression/massage, Swiftly adjustable and user friendly locking system. Benefits of using this products are Easy and practical, Epicondylitis Brace Elbow Support fits under any shirt, Perfect fit and continuous support, Continuous massage of tendon, Accelerates healing process, No interference while sporting, User-friendly, No allergies or dermatitis, Well being and hygiene, Limited space at home or in a shop.
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