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Headmaster Collars - For Firm Support of the Head, Large - Beige Headmaster Collars This innovative cervical collar provides excellent all around support and keeps you looking great! Light and airy, the Headmaster Cervical Collar is covered in a soft, washable fabric and is available in a wide variety of colors. The Headmaster Cervical Collar is easily formed by hand to fit snugly under the chin while providing firm support. The Headmaster Cervical Collar is the collar of choice for patients with ALS, MS, Lou Gherig's Disease, Motorneuron Disease, Arthritis, and general head support. Benefits of the cervical collar include a low profile appearance, access to a tracheal tube, low heat retention and firm support. Benefits For The Fitter -easy to fit (bend the cervical collar by hand to fit) -good access to a tracheal tube, if needed -firm support for the head -accessories available to modify function -all parts for the neck brace are available as “replacements“ For The Wearer and/or Caregiver -a cool, comfortable cervical collar -low heat retention -easy to put on and remove -low profile; unobtrusive appearance -choice of colours -easy to keep clean -wash cervical collar with a damp sponge and warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly with damp sponge. Air dry. Shaping the Cervical Collar 1. -Bend the cervical collar to the desired height and width by hand -It will stay in the shape you set it 2. -Bend the cervical collar to clear the clavicles (collar bones) if necessary -A chin pad can be added to the chest portion of the cervical collar for extra padding, if needed Managing Neck Muscle Weakness For people with muscle weakness of the neck, turning the head from side to side or holding the head upright may be difficult, as the neck supports the head that weighs about 20 pounds. Limited head movement can contribute to a stiff neck, a poor head posture, and severe pain if these problems are not managed. In
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