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Product Details
Liceadex-eX Home & Bedding Spray - 32 oz. * 32 oz. / 946 ml To prevent Lice reinfestations, it is just as important to remove Lice and Nits infecting and breeding in your environment in addition to the ones on your hair and skin. All Stop Liceadex-eX Home & Bedding Spray safely and effectively combats Lice and nits in your environment such as clothing, bedding, furniture, and vehicles. By using natural minerals and other Non-Toxic elements, this product offers an environmentally friendly solution to your Lice problem. The pesticide-free spray is specifically designed to combat the Lice and Nits on your personal belongings. No other company offers a Non-Toxic solution for your hair AND your personal belongings! Liceadex-eX Home & Bedding Spray WORKS AS SOON AS IT'S SPRAYED.
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