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Suffer from skin fungus? Tinea versicolor? Tinea Clear has a significant healing effect that inhibits and prevents growth of fungus and yeast on the skin's surface. Skin fungus is itchy, causes flaky skin and embarrassing moments. Tinea Clear can help all those go away when used appropriately.

Tinea Clear by Seeking Health is an all natural sulfur-containing mud which continues to show clinical effectiveness in eliminating skin fungus and mild toenail fungus. This special lake-bottom mud contains natural essential oils, sulfur and other organic substances which contribute to Tinea Clear's complex effect. Tinea Clear has a significant healing effect which supports the inhibition and growth of fungus and yeast.

How to use Tinea Clear on skin?

After showering and shaking the bottle of Tinea Clear very well, apply a thin, even layer of Tinea Clear to the affected areas. Allow to dry. Once dry, wash off with a damp cloth or jump in the shower and rinse it off. Do not use soap. You will wash off the healing properties of Tinea Clear if you use soap. Repeat this 1 to 2 times a day for 7 to 14 days. The more severe the fungal problem, the longer you may need to use Tinea Clear.

How to use Tinea Clear on nails?

Shake the container of Tinea Clear very well. Apply a thin even layer of Tinea Clear on all affected nails: toenails or fingernails. Allow to dry. You can wash off Tinea Clear once it is dry or you may leave it on all day to keep moisture out of your nails. Simply put your socks on to cover the Tinea Clear if you want to leave it on your toenails all day. It is recommended to wash off Tinea Clear before going to sleep so your nails can breathe. Apply daily until you see the nail growth coming in cleanly from the base. You may stop using Tinea Clear once you feel confident your nail will continue to grow in without fungus. The moment you see fungus returning on your nail, begin applying Tinea Clear once again once a day.
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