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Product Details
Recommended by doctors for performing Kegel exercises to improve sexual performance and bladder control. Insert the weighted balls and squeeze your vaginal muscles to hold them inside. The balls may move around causing stimulation and arousal. How To Perform Kegel Exercises using Stainless Steel Ben Wa Balls: Sitting: Sit down on a chair and insert the Ben Wa Balls into your vagina. Close your legs after the balls are in your vagina. Use your vagina muscle to move the ball back and forth inside your vagina. Standing: Stand up and spread your feet to shoulder width. Insert the Ben Wa Balls and hold it in your vagina as long as your can. Squatting: This is the hardest exercise with Ben Wa Balls. Spread your feet as much as you can. Without using any other muscle, use your vaginal muscle to move the Ben Wa Balls inside your Vagina and do Not let the Ben Wa Balls Drop. Since these Ben Wa Balls are made with Surgical Stainless Steel, they don't absorb bacteria and are safer and more durable than Plastic, Glass or Other Chrome Coated Materials.
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