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Product Details
Product description: R&R Ice/Hot Bag is ideal for pain relieve from sport injuries, aching muscles, menstrual period, headache and rheumatic fever. Helps reduce pain and swelling from bruises, muscular injuries, and sprains with cold/hot therapeutic methods. Professionally engineered with leak resistant cap design, also allows for easily filling of ice cubes. Reusable and economical.
Angelically soft fabric provides excellent bonding and comfortable intimacy to your skin and able to stand temperature without feeling sudden hot or cold. No irritated chemical smell occurred even filled with hot water.

To use as an Ice Bag:
For best result, fill bag with ice and close cap tightly before use.
Lower high body temperature.
Alleviates pain and soreness.

To use as a Hot Bag:
For best result, recommend to pour 50-60ºC (122-140ºF) hot water into bag, close cap tightly before use.
Do not microwave.
Enhance blood circulation.
Relieve fatigue. Reduce swelling.

Caution: Do not crush ice in the bag or force fused cubes through cap opening.
Do not place heavy or sharp objects on top of bag.
Do not expose bag to direct sunlight or heat.
This bag transfers cold effectively, wrapped in a soft towel to protect sensitive skin areas.
  • * Disclaimer: Result vary based on individual