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Product Details
BON BALM ® can be used for: Muscle and joint pain, Pain caused by poor circulation, Discomfort arising from the tension and stress, Pain caused by blows, arthritic and rheumatic pains, Sprains, Cramps, tired and swollen feet, Inflammation, Headaches, Scrapes and cuts as it aids healing and prevents infections, knee pain during cold weather or rain, Relieves pain and its analgesic action stimulates circulation and reduce stiffness. It has Anti-inflammatory Action, fights infections and stop bleeding. It has soothing and analgesic power, Improve circulation, Counters insect poison. May be applied on: Back, Hands Neck, Feet, Shoulders, Knees, Hips, Legs, and lower back. BALM BON ® acts with direct application to the affected area and its strengthening welfare action with its characteristic aroma (leaning on the benefits of aromatherapy) dp all the work in less than 5 minutes. Helps to drain toxins accumulated in the joints, dealing eith the rheumatic and arthritic pain. BALM BON ® has the features of essential oils which are mixtures of various chemical substances biosynthesized by plants. Plants produce these essential oils to protect themselves from diseases, ward off insect predators, and so this action is replicated by Bon BALM ® to be applied in the human body, in a safe way in order to eliminate pain. Currently scientific and technological advances have failed to prove the bioenergetic action of Aromatic Essential Oils.
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