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Why the NASIVENT Tube In three quarters 34 of all cases Snoring and Sleep Apnea is caused by the entrance to the nose being blocked or too narrow This appears when the muscles of the nostrils and face starts to weaken The NASIVENT Tube helps the group of people whose snoring and Sleep apnea is caused by a nasal blockage this is happen in 75-80 in all cases Once inserted the soft silicone pipes adapts the shape of the nose without distort or pressure and this makes breathing through the nose easier for the patient This conducts that sleeping while lying on your side combined with breathing through the nose is given a considerable boost in breathing and oxygen absorption Snoring may stop completely or is greatly reduced due to the fact that sleeping on the back will be avoid The tongue and soft tissue cant block the Trachea wind pipe any more Unlike that breathing through the nose with the tongue against the palate creating a seal with the throat no sound occurs Snoring and Sleep Apnea will reduce or stop complete Tested and recommended by many ENT doctors -1- MD Med Mathias Riemann ENT logopedics -2- MD Dieter Rieman ENT logopedics -3- MD Th Mandelkow -4- G Salz ENT MD Uli Hendrich ENT -5- MD Andr Passerino University of Strasbourg -6- MD Med Rdiger Welb ENT -7- MD Med Thomas Kmmerer ENT -8- MD Med Guido Hoffmann -9-Dr Med Klaus Filipponi ENT doctor plastic surgery -10- MD Med Maritta Spiegelberg leading ENT Department MU Hospital -11- MD Med Uwe Pommerich ENT and allergology -12- MD Med Gerhard Flemming ENT and logopedics IntPatent design protection Copyright VHPbvNasivent
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