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PROTECT THE PLATE. It is called the batter's box for a reason. Stand confidently at the plate and control the strike zone with EvoShield's signature Batter's Elbow Guard. The MLB Authentic Elbow Guard custom forms to your arm and provides full coverage from fastballs and wild pitches without hindering your swing or interfering with your performance. Don't compromise your swing by using a generic bulky elbow guard when you can use the lightweight Evoshield Batting Elbow Guard customized just for you. Fit it once – wear it all season long. 1 year warranty. We Are Athletes. It's in our blood to create competitive advantages. At EvoShield, our drawing board is the playing field. Some call it field-testing. We call it the proving grounds. Our brand is the symbolic battle cry of those that sacrifice their body for team, for pride, for victory.
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