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Product Details
Kills germs that cause foot odor and athletes feet shoes can be very expensive and insoles simply dont do anything to kill the germs and bacteria that cause foot odor and athletes foot now you can refresh your shoes in less than one hour with the shuvee ultraviolet shoe sanitizer the shuvee is clinically proven to reduce the germs and bacteria that are found in shoes with ultraviolet light the shuvee safely and effectively sanitizes the inside of shoes using uv light the process is chemical free and will not harm your shoes or insoles simply place your shoes on top of the unit and the weight of the shoe activates the uv light within one hour your shoes will smell fresher leave on overnight and your shoes will be completely sanitized begin your day with the environment your feet deserve the product is designed to engage upon contact with the weight of the shoes the shape of the unit provides complete uv coverage inside the shoe for the most effective sanitation possible its expandable bars accommodate all sizes of shoes one unit fits every shoe in the family from kids shoes to work boots dont live with foot odor and smelly shoes anymore the shuvee will take your worst smelling shoes and make them smell like new again
  • * Disclaimer: Result vary based on individual