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Product Details
The Sun-Med English Profile MacIntosh/Miller Combo set includes the seven most popular blades with conventional handle replacement lamps and a carrying case. English Profile blades have a satin finish for reduced glare. The MacIntosh blade has a gentle curve and the flange extends entirely down to the distal tip. The Miller blades have lamps on the traditional side and have a smooth tip. English Profile Set Includes: Medium Handle 2 extra lamps (1 each 5-0235-01 and 5-0235-04) & MacIntosh Blades Size: 2 3 4 & Miller Blades Size: 0 1 2 3 MILLER ENGLISH BLADE FEATURES All Lamps On Left Side Satin Finish Pre-focused Lamp Penlon Style Made of Surgical Stainless Steel MACINTOSH ENGLISH BLADE FEATURES Hand-crafted in a soft matte finish surgical stainless steel to virtually eliminate reflection and glare. The lamps are prefocused to eliminate light splay. The flange extends all the way down to the distal tip. Laryngoscope Set Includes: MacIntosh Size 2 MacIntosh Size 3 MacIntosh Size 4 Miller Size 0 Miller Size 1 Miller Size 2 Miller Size 3 Medium Conventional Illumination Handle 1 ea Small and Large Replacement Lamps Carrying Case
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