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Product Details
Strong and Durable The BAGGLER is built to last and be used over and over again The base handle of The BAGGLER is made of a very strong plastic copolymer that perform in a wide range of weather conditions hot cold rain and snow The BAGGLER is made with materials that can withstand some of the coldest temperatures as low as 5 degrees below zero and scorching heat as hot as 120 above Capable The BAGGLER has three solid hooks that can hold up to 18 lbs each Each hook can hold several thin handle cloth rope handle and plastic shopping bags Placing multiple bags on each hook of The BAGGLER means that you could carry many bags with a maximum weight slightly greater than 50 lbs The Perfect Size The BAGGLER is not too big and not small Its the perfect size about 5 wide x 45 height and less than 12 inch thick except the handle grip which is 78 inch diameter The BAGGLER only weighes 17 ounces Wow The BAGGLER can fit into your pocket your purse pocketbook or knapsack glove box or easily clip onto your belt loop Easy to use The BAGGLER is designed to slide your thin handle cloth rope handle and plastic shopping bags on and off with the least amount of effort There a two major components that contribute to the remarkable ease in which plastic bags slide on and off First The BAGGLER is made of a copolymer that is smooth almost frictionless and latex free The copolymer has tremendous memory and the tines and hooks retain their position but have enough flexibility to allow almost all plastic bags to slide on and off Second the precise design of the hooks and tines keeps your plastic bags from getting snagged A slight overlap of 316 and a smooth rounded tip that creates a V like chanel that will allow you to remove each bag handle easily You dont have to move the tines they are flexible enough to allow the bag handles to slide through and off the hooks
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