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Product Details
A 3x magnifier with a rubberized handle, tucked in an acetate gift box. Unfold the handle and give the rubberized portion a light tug to reveal the battery compartment. Insert one AAA battery, replace the handle and slide the ridged button up to illuminate the long-lasting LED light. (LED light lasts for 8 continuous hours, or 100,000 hours if used only intermittently.) Powerful magnification and light are now in your hands for on-the-spot magnification of reading materials or hobby-work. The scratch-resistant acrylic lens measures 2" x 3" - the perfect size for using while still being comfortably portable. Product size shown is with the handle folded in. The handle itself measures approximately 4" long. Product dimensions (imperial): 4.25 inch H x 3 inch L x 0.625 inch W Product dimensions (metric): 107.95 mm H x 76.20 mm L x 15.88 mm W
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