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Product Details
This clock has a bright red easy to read LED display with the day and date No more forgetting what day it is A quick glance at this Big Digit LED Calendar Clock will remind you Our week is usually filled with appointments and daily chores It helps to have a calendar handy to help us remember the day and date This makes the LED Calendar Clock perfect for the office the kitchen or family room Crystal clear and easy-to-read red letters and numbers stand out against a black background The clock has a large bright display that shows the time on top with the day of the week and the date along the bottom A black frame completes a very contemporary look The Calendar Clock can stand upright on a table or be hung on the wall The AC adaptor included plugs into a recessed outlet on the back so the clock will still hang straight Oversized LED Calendar Clock Details Dimensions 15875 Inch W x 75 Inch H x 1625 Inch D Time display 225 Inch H Calendar display 15 Inch H 3 buttons on the back for setting the time and date AM and PM indicator lights Will not lose time and date settings in a power outage The Calendar Clock makes a great gift for an aging parent especially one with low vision or who has a memory issue The big digital LED display provides this important information in a way that is so clear and easy to read they are sure to love it
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