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Product Details
HERO4PC Size: 4" Features: -Ramp. -Material: Aluminum. -Powder Coat Finish Terracotta. -Designed as a modular system in both the top surface and legs. -Most usable surface space and a safer incline than any ramp in a comparable design. -Surface on a 6'' rise provides over 25pct more under your chair. -Combination of an anodized surface and special non skid technology. -Exceeds the NFSI requirement for wet Static Coefficient of Friction on a hard flooring surface. Specifications: -Available in 6 sizes:. -1-1.5'' H x 34'' W x 8.5'' D. -2-2.5'' H x 34'' W x 14.5'' D. -3-3.5'' H x 34'' W x 20.5'' D. -4-4.5'' H x 34'' W x 26.5'' D. -5-5.5'' H x 34'' W x 32.5'' D. -6-6.5'' H x 34'' W x 38.5'' D.
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