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Millions of people suffer from persistent neck pain each year as a result of whiplash poor posture physical stress computer work It is usually possible to start treatment of neck pain at home One of the most helpful neck massage is cervical traction with a Neck Traction Device This air neck traction device gently massages your stiff neck muscles How can ChiSoft Neck Traction Device Help your Neck The intra-vertebral disc pressure is relieved by the elongating action of the neck traction device A few minutes of treatment will produce amazing relief Regular use of the Neck Traction Device helps to prevent neck problems by increasing blood supply to neck muscles Testimonials I have had wonderful success in treating patients with cervical disk disorders The ChiSoft neck traction has proven to be very instrumental in the success my patients and I have realized Patients love it They find it is easy to use very practical and it works I enthusiastically recommend the ChiSoft for neck traction Dr Josh Renkens Chiropractor DC ART MAT Nashville TN I think its a good innovation and I think its a considerable benefit to my patients and it continues to give them relief from neck shoulder hand and arm pain and numbness even after theyve stopped professional therapy I would recommend your product to anyone and hope to continue using it and prescribing it to my patients Bryan J Wodaski MS Occupational Therapist Certified Hand Therapist Over the last four months our clinic has had the opportunity to allow our patients to try the ChiSoft Neck Traction We have received great feedback on the ease of use immediate relief of muscle tensionneck pain and convenience The device enhances our current therapy program and allows patients to continue to benefit post-rehab Thanks for allowing us to further benefit our patients rehabilitation needs Jeff Hill Director of CaroMont Rehab and Sports Medicine Gastonia North Caroline
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