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Cellulite is not simple fat but a way in which your body reacts to a build-up of toxins in the connective tissue in the skin This then manifests as a honeycomb web of waterlogged and toxin filled tissue Circulation of the lymphatic system and of the venous system blood flow and capillary integrity are crucial to improve the situation This body scrub with combination of sugar and salt enriched with plethora of not only skin smoothing ingredients but also flub busting extracts Seaweed is a rich source of organic proteins minerals and vitamins including vitamins B12 not found in land plants vitamin E and other nutrients When applied to the skin Seaweed acts as a powerful detoxifier that draws out toxins and impurities while adding beneficial nutrients Its used to stimulate the bodys circulation which helps to minimize cellulite while infusing the skin with moisture for a healthy glowing skin Blend of Butchers broom Bladderwrack Horsetail and Horse chestnut promote smooth muscle contractions and draw out toxins proven to increase circulation and also improve skin tone therefore reduce cellulite Juniper berry helps to detoxify and clear congested skin making it an excellent aid to help clear cellulite and to return the tissue to normal functioning Its safe yet dependable diuretic effects help to clear the skin not only from unwanted toxins but also from excess water in the tissue Ivy Extract contains Hederin - an active saponin that is responsible for blood vessel protection and helps to reabsorb the edemas present in the initial stages of cellulite It furthermore has great anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties as well as assisting with circulatory which helps other components to be absorbed by the skin Warning Persons with an allergy to iodine should avoid using this product For best results we recommend to use this products together with Nuelle Triple Action Anti Cellulite Concentrate and Phat QR Body Massager