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Product Details
Nail strengthener that besides forming a protective barrier prevents chipping peeling and splitting of your nails Instructions for use Shake before use Apply only to clean and dry nails To start the treatment apply a thin coat from the center of the nail down to the tip once a week Let it dry and paint the nail with your favorite nail polish After three applications as the nail gets stronger brush one thin coat covering the whole nail Use once weekly Protect the skin around the cuticles with cream Caution Can cause some discomfort on first use If you feel pain burning or persistent discomfort remove it immediately from all nails and suspend its use Avoid contact with cuticles and skin Warning Not meant for daily use Keep out of reach of children Keep away from heat and flames Flammable This product is formulated to be used once a week Please note that as is the case with any cosmetic product excessive use can cause unwanted side effects And again if you havent used this product before do not cover the whole nail with the strengthener on first use As your nails get stronger from week to week you can slowly start to cover the whole nail This is especially important if you have very thin or brittle nails Note Retailers in the United States have to sell this product in the original box with correct ENGLISH LABELING AND INSTRUCTIONS printed on the cardboard box Should you only receive the glass bottle without the box please return the item to the seller for your own safety