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Product Details
If you are like most of our customers you have tried everything and have almost lost hope that something can actually slow down the sweat factory in your armpits Well thousands of happy customers have found SweatBlock works for them -- even when nothing else has What is included with each box of SweatBlock 1 8 individually wrapped SweatBlock towelettes see image gallery 2 Up to 8 weeks of sweat stopping goodness 3 Money-back guarantee SweatBlock is a clinical antiperspirant soaked on a soft towelette Use SweatBlock once-a-week or as needed by firmly and thoroughly dabbing do not rub the towelette within each underarm hairline right before going to bed SweatBlock will not leave a film or a sticky residue The next morning you can shower shave use a regular deodorant and go about your day with confidence How long will SweatBlock work for me You will not know for sure until you try it but our customers report an average of nearly 7-days per usage Some customers report more or less than the average It all depends on body chemistry Does SweatBlock work for everyone SweatBlock has an incredible success rate Due to body chemistry a small minority of people may not experience satisfactory results If youre not 100 satisfied please contact SweatBlock customer support to take advantage of our money back guarantee Consumer perception reports support the appearance of dryness for up to 7 days per usage Learn more at the official SweatBlock website SweatBlock was tested on the Rachael Ray Show but is not endorsed by sponsored by or affiliated with Rachael Ray the Rachael Ray Show or any of their respective parents subsidiaries or affiliates No endorsement implied