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Product Details
Discover New Japanese Retexturizing The days of long processing and pin-straight hair have passed Liscio Crystal and Zero revolutionize hair textureDelight your clients with Liscio Japanese retexturizing in as little as 45 minutes Liscio Crystal Benefits Permanent retexturizing results Natural bounce and volume Healthy shine that only LISCIO can deliver Retouch needed only every 6-8 months Versatile finishes from silky straight to smooth curls Always Formaldehyde-free Milbon is the top professional salon brand in Japan Milbon USA popularized Japanese thermal reconditioning in the US 15 years ago Throughout our history we have partnered with hairdressers to create innovative solutions for their needs As we celebrate our 50th anniversary we remain committed to helping hair dressers create beauty around the world LISCIO RETEXTURIZING MENU Achieve 3 different finishes with only one product LISCIO Hair Straightening for curly unmanageable hair clients Results in straight hair and recommended retouch every 6-8 months Total service time 3 hours Before After LISCIO Smooth Control for clients with finer hair type and inconsistent waves and frizz who want easier blow styling Hair becomes smooth with body and manageable Recommended retouch twice a year Total service time 2 hours or less Before After LISCIO Straight Variations clients with thick bulky hair who want to keep their curls and reduce the bulkiness for easy manageability Recommended retouch twice a year Total service time 1 hour or less