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Product Details
Complete oral health system Kills harmful bacteria that cause gum disease Long-lasting breath protection Alcohol free Recommended by leading dental professionals Refreshing clean taste An essential step in the CloSyS complete oral heath system Unique patented chlorine dioxide system eliminates volatile sulfur compounds VSCs and kills harmful bacteria that irritate gums and cause bad breath Noticeable fresher cleaner feeling after each use Promotes healthy gums and clean oral environment Mild pH balanced formula Designed for use with dental irrigation devices The entire CloSYS complete oral health system takes only minutes a day Now you can control the flavor CloSYS antiseptic oral rinse comes unflavored with a refreshing clean taste but if you prefer to add flavor one flavor control dropper with natural peppermint oil is included so you can add the amount you choose How does CloSYS antiseptic oral rinse work Unlike traditional mouthwashes CloSYS antiseptic oral rinse does not rely on flavor to cover bad breath Its patented chlorine dioxide system actually destroys the odor causing compounds in your mouth Heres How In even the cleanest mouth odor - causing molecules known as Volatile Sulfur Compounds VSCs are constantly produced by the natural breakdown of bacteria and human cells Ordinary mouthwashes only cover up these compounds with their flavor The VSCs are still there causing odor in the mouth However CloSYS antiseptic oral rinse actually breaks the molecule bonds to completely destroy the odor - causing VSCs With regular use CloSYS antiseptic oral rinse and CloSYS toothpaste can assure you of cleaner teeth a healthier mouth and the freshest breath possible Made in the USA