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Product Details
Description Dramatically reduces cuts nicks scrapes and razor irritation Gives you the closest most comfortable longest lasting shave Leaves your skin astonishingly soft and smooth Try it once to believe it Enjoy it for life Its really that good Highly concentrated 60 day supply Most shave creams and gels are actually foam-which is primarily air Visualize a sharp blade scraping across your delicate skin with air as the main lubricant It tears your skin creates little cuts and nicks that bleed and leaves your skin looking and feeling rough Cremo has no air Its an extremely rich cream even more so that other similarnon-foam luxury shave creams It contains unique super-lubricating highly-slippery molecules that have been compounded with powerful skin conditioners Together they make your blade glide smoothly over your skin like an ice skate It leaves your skin astonishingly soft and smooth We think you will find this is better than anything else you have ever used Try it once to believe it Enjoy it for life Made in USA Animal Friendly Directions Rub your skin with the hottest water you can stand for 30 seconds in the shower works best or use a hot towel Leave your skin wet Cremo Cream is water-activated Lightly coat your skin with an almond-sized squeeze of cream Less is often best Add a few drops of water to make and keep it slippery Shave If the razor clogs use more water or less Cremo Massage cream back into skin you want to re-shave This product is so effective most can comfortably shave against the grain for an even closer longer lasting shave