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This is a real cutie and super easy to grow Mature plants put out lots of large stunning green flowers with a touch of red in the lips Beautiful This is a seedling about 3 years away from first flowers But a mature plant in flower would cost a lot more so be patient grow it up and voila These can have 15 to 18 flowers or more at once Cymbidium King Arthur is Cymbidium Sweetheart x Cymbidium Nila This is a clone of the Green Giant cultivar which has a bronze medal from the Cymbidium Society of America The natural spread of the flower was 77 cm Grow these in moderately bright indirect light Keep moist Fertilize twice a month rather weakly You pretty much cant go wrong These seedlings are freshly repotted in 35 inch pots The pictures show the kind of flowers to expect and one of the plants Well pick out a nice one for you and ship in the pot We always ship the largest You can buy with confidence Orchids from The Orchid Gallery are guaranteed Period