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Product Details
The Rubbermaid 1M16 Reveal 2-Piece Mop Kit takes floor cleaning to a whole new level The Reveal mop features a microfiber mop pad that is extremely durable and reusable which helps you save money and waste less No more throwing away disposable mop pads just simply wash and reuse The Mop pad can be washed up to 100 Times The wide thick microfiber pad reaches deep into cracks and crevices to pick up 50 more dirt than traditional sponge mops The microfiber pad doesnt just get floors cleaner it even helps them dry faster so you can get on with your day The Reveal Mop also features an on board sprayer to lay down your water and cleaning solution right in front of the mop so no more back and forth to the mop bucket The Water and solution is kept in a refillable solution bottle that allows you to use any cleaning solution you chose just mix two tablespoons of your favorite cleaning solution with water in the refillable bottle close the cap and click it into the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop The mops is light weight and very easy to maneuver The Rubbermaid 1M16 kit contains a full mop with Microfiber pad and solution bottle as well as 2 extra microfiber pads and one extra solution bottle