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Product Details
Six inch handheld fluorescent battery operated black light fixture that is portable and lightweight Works with 4 AA batteries not included Black lights can be helpful for the following Antique inspection Art forgeryrepair tests Club hand stamp screening Fabric and Textiles Fluorescent dye leaks Forgery Detection Glass and glass repair inspection ID and document Verification Mineral lighting and identification Manufacturing processes Party fun for posters etc Pet and pest stains Psoriasis Reading invisible fluorescent inks Scorpion illumination and more Blacklight fluorescent inspection processes make jobs easier for document inspectors quality control engineers forensic scientists fire officers and auction houses to name but a few With UV blacklight hairline cracks can be detected in aircraft undercarriages automotive steering systems and many other life-critical components In the field of forensics UV black light helps unearth vital evidence at crime scenes and plays an important role in identifying the cause of fires Inspection of works of art under UV black light can reveal imperfections and evidences of restoration and repairs to art pottery glass and detecting old from reproduction -- an important aspect of authentication for valuation and sale