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Product Details
The Magic Flight Launch Box is by far the most portable and discreet electronic vaporizer ever designed This very popular unit is small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand or inside your pocket Instead of using butane or flame this handheld unit runs off alkaline batteries that allow the user to begin vaporizing within 10 seconds Magic Flight Vaporizers also come with a FULL Lifetime Warranty that covers any defect Includes 1 pc Magic-Flight Launch Box Unit Newest Model With Click Lock Lid and Black Tin 2 pc Rechargeable AA NiMh Magic Flight Batteries 1 pc Velvet Kit Storage Bag 1 pc NiMh AA Battery Charger 1 pc Magic-Flight Cleaning Brush 1 pc Glass Stem 2 pc Black Battery Caps Installed Black Screen Ring and Battery Foam Seal
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