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Product Details
Keractil is a safe, easy and effective product for eliminating nail fungus with no harmful side effects. Keractil use results in stronger, healthier, more attractive nails. By using Keractil as instructed, your nails will grow fungus-free, without thickening, yellowing or embrittlement. Simply apply Keractil at the cuticle and under the tip of the nail to fight fungus and infection. After all fungus is cleared, use Keractil at the first sign of new fungus to prevent re-infection. Keractil can be used with polished nails. Also, after removing acrylic nails, use Keractil to reverse damage to the nail bed. For healthy nails, safe Keractil can be used to promote strong, lovely nails and as an anti-fungal preventative. Amazon feedback, 1/11/2011: 5 stars: "... I have started using my first order of Keractil. After the third day, there has been much improvement. I am very pleased so far. I have tried many different products over a period of 4 to 5 years, but nothing has worked as well as Keractil." Amazon feedback, 7/7/2011: 5 stars: "Shipping was very fast! This is a reorder -- the product (Keractil) seems to be clearing up a 30-year problem." Amazon feedback, 8/1/2011: 5 stars, "I have struggled with horrible, thick, black, yellow tip toenails for over a century! I've spent hundreds of dollars trying to cure this problem. It's embarrassing when you're the only person on the beach or at the pool refusing to take your shoes off due to the fact that you have the worst toenail fungus ever! Finally I have found something with real results!! I will never search any further!!!! " Note: If you chose to use a competitive product for killing nail fungus, please exercise caution. Some competitive formulas can have alarming impacts on the human liver, skin and bone marrow. Those products should only be used with great caution and your physician should do periodic blood work to protect you from their harmful side effects.
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