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Product Details
This Neck traction was designed and developed for the prevention and treatment of cervical vertebral disease Based on the air -Traction Neck Traction allows for deep neck muscle relaxation Relief of tension muscles spasms stress and pressure in the neck shoulders head and cervical vertebral area You can feel the results in just a few short minutes Neck Traction can effectively aid the treatment of cervical disease improve the blood supply to neck and brain release many kinds of symptoms caused by cervical disease Neck Traction has curative effect on cervical alterations protrusion of inter-vertebral disc slenosis of the vertebral channel hypertension injuries and osteomilagic carelessness as well as the hemiparesis due to cervical vertebral pathology Made up of new type of material with soft texture Neck Traction makes patients feel comfortable It has the characters of quick effectiveness safe convenience and no side effect The traction force of This device can reach up to 100Kgs The patients can conduct self-treatment anytime at any places and need not visit the doctor frequently Neck Traction device by elongating and stritching exercising the neck and lowering pressure between the discs promotes blood circulation and stress relief it can be irreplaceable help to feeling good and maintaining normal every day work and quality of life in home and social life Used in the beginning with low pressure low traction force for 5 10 minutes and within a few days feel a positive body response increase to up to 20 to 25 minutes 2 to 3 times a day When finished using the air should be released slowly with interruptions not abruptly
  • * Disclaimer: Result vary based on individual