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Product Details

Snorepin - The Smarter Solution Against Snoring

The new designed and real functional Snorepin is one of the best Anti Snore products so far. The Snorepin with its anatomic conical shape feels very comfortable
in the nose and looks unobtrusive. It leads to much better breathing during nighttime. It reduces and stops snoring and in doing so it helps to save your relationship.
Cost effective. 2 pieces in one package. You can use them for years.

Advantage to other Nasal Dilators. Snorepin is designed to save your lungs:
A little slit makes the difference! Nasal hair..Its main function is to keep foreign or unwanted particles from entering the lungs.(Wikipedia).
The snorepin is designed with little slits on its surface. Because of that the nosehair has the ability to go between these
little slits to filter the air in a natural way and catch airborne particles and prevent them from reaching the lungs.

Material and Cleaning:
Antiallergic Polyurethane (without Latex). Dimensions: 11,5x7x16mm, Cleaning: Water/Soap or dishwasher

Safety Information:
This product is intended for use in the nose only. Do not swallow. Do not use this product on children under the age of 10.

  • * Disclaimer: Result vary based on individual